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    A World Of Contradictions

    It’s no wonder so many feel conflicted. We live in a world full of contradictions. Human desires get repressed. We see it all the time. Something you deeply want doesn’t fall in line with what society deems as normal and you are ostracized.  

    On one hand, we say we idolize freedom and on the other, we belittle those who are living free. We worship celebrities but at the same time tear them down when they think differently. We love Mick Jagger but belittle him for being in his late 70’s and dating a 30-year-old. 

    My point is we are so conflicted on what it is we honor and respect and I believe this is the root cause for our lack of happiness. Of course, what’s happy for you may not be what's happy for me and we all have to determine what type of life we want. But I propose that so many of us are living an unfilled life because we aren’t willing to go after the desires we really want. Why don’t we?

    I believe the fear of what others will think about us is the main reason we stay ordinary. It is time to say screw it to what others think. Hell, the world can’t figure out what it thinks about practically any subject. 

    Another major obstacle to going after your desires is the fear of damaging a reputation--often one you have spent years developing. Let’s go back to Mick for a second. Do you think he really cares about what others think about his girlfriend or the girls before her? You know he has heard all the comments about dating someone young enough to be his granddaughter and how he has children twice her age. But Mick epitomizes the rock and roll lifestyle. He makes his own choices and that is one reason why we love him. So why can’t we do the same?

    I am not suggesting we all run out and find a much younger partner or that we do something illegal. What I am suggesting is that if there is something you truly desire then go for it regardless of what society may think. We live in a world of contradictions. When you don’t let your life become one of them you’ll be amazed at how much more fun and how exciting life becomes. 

     --DH, LPO, Ibiza, Spain2021

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